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Should Abortion Be A Human Right?

There are many people divided on the issue of abortion and there are an incredible amount of mixed emotions involved too. Some people think that it is murder, while other people think that it’s a choice. There has always been a gray area surrounding this and it certainly doesn’t look like both sides of the fence will ever come to a mutual level of thinking or rationale. Some countries and other cultures also have different ways of thinking and what they consider to be acceptable as well with many parts of Latin America, Africa, and Asia completely outlawing it unless there is a situation where having one would save a woman’s life.

A Brief History of Abortion

The practice of abortion has been around since ancient times where various techniques or using mixtures of different abortifacients were done to try and induce the process. Some of these techniques included very fast walking, riding on animals, carrying around heavy objects, and the Greeks and Romans used a plant called Silphium as a contraceptive and abortifacient which they later farmed to extinction. In these times, many people believed that a fetus was more like a plant, rather than an animal and wasn’t a human until birth it starts breathing. This is how they justified their actions and this ideology still exists in the World today.
As society progressed, anti-abortion laws started to really come in around the early 1800’s with Britain passing the strictest laws yet and with America following not long after. It was now seen during these times that abortion was unsafe and had very crude techniques of being performed with little to no antiseptics being used and a high mortality rate. With the uprise of women’s movements in 1960’s America, reforms gradually came in and became more circumstantial in some states rather than completely outlawing it which has then led to the system that exists in the United States today.

What Is The Consensus With Abortion?

There are two sides to the fence regarding abortion and the majority of people are either completely against it or are ok with doing it. The people who are against it consider the act to be murder and that even a fetus is a living human being regardless of the fact that is isn’t born yet. They can’t comprehend anything other than this mentality and many people with this belief are also a strong and passionate advocate of this.
The people who go through with it are either fine with doing so or they may feel guilty but are in a situation where they think that they have to do it. The people who are fine with doing so are of the opinion that a fetus is not born so it is therefore morally acceptable to go through with an abortion. This was the old way of thinking and it is still quite common today in many countries all over the World through Asia, Europe, and North America.

How Does This Get Debated?


Human rights activists across the Globe are campaigning for both sides here. There are activists who believe that it is completely immoral to go through with an abortion and there are others who believe that it is a choice that we as human beings are entitled to make. We should have a god given right to be able to make our own choices in regards to our bodies and our lives, but at the same time, doesn’t everyone, including a fetus that will one day become just like us have the god given right to live and then go on to make their own choices?
Those who are against abortion believe that once there is conception, there is life. They say that going through with an abortion deprives a human being of the chance to have a life and be entitled to the rights that we have. It is also considered completely unfair and discriminatory because the child has no say in the matter and hasn’t done anything wrong to warrant being put in such a situation. An abortion can also cause harm to a woman not only physically with changes to their body and emotions, but it can also affect them mentally too with an intense amount of stress and possible psychological conditions that can develop.
People who are pro-abortion argue that it’s their body or their offspring and they are allowed to make the choice as to whether they want to keep the baby or not. While some of these people may not entirely agree with the ideology behind abortion, they still believe that if they were in the situation that they should be entitled to make their own decision and not be forced to follow the ways that other people think. There are even laws in various Western countries that allow an abortion to take place as long as it is up to 24-weeks into the pregnancy. This is because medical research has concluded that this point in time there is less risk for mental or physical health problems and that this is when the fetus becomes “viable.”

Where Are We Going?

While religious beliefs were originally the driving force behind the first abortion laws and restrictions to come in during ancient times and even in the early 1800’s, it has now swayed to more of a humanitarian belief. A lot of people regardless of their race, gender or religion are starting to think that abortion is not morally acceptable on the grounds of what is right as a human being. On the other side of the coin but still based on humanitarian beliefs, the United Nations has affirmed that abortion is a human right that everyone should have. It doesn’t look like there is ever going to be a common ground between the two ideologies and that there will always be people who are unhappy with what is going on.
With technology now enabling people to create “designer babies” from different people, including three people, and with the ability to choose its gender, it looks like we are now more into playing God than ever and that the way of pro-abortion is going to become the most widely accepted belief. There will probably always be people who will oppose this, but it doesn’t seem like there is any way to give a grown human being their right to a choice while simultaneously allowing an innocent fetus the right to be born and go on to make their own choices.

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